12-Hour Safety Glow Sticks for Evacuations

The brightest, longest-lasting glow sticks at the lowest prices.

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Safety & Emergency Glow Sticks for Evacuation Lighting

Be prepared for any natural disaster with our USA made, high quality, 12-hour safety glow sticks. We have a full line essential safety glow sticks that are optimal for evacuations and emergency lighting during power outages for hotels, hospitals, schools, homeland security, military, police and fire departments, property managers, and more. All our super-sized safety glow sticks have a 4-year shelf life and are made in the USA.

We carry all safety glow stick colors for emergency evacuation, with green and yellow being the two brightest safety colors. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality products available at low prices and we ship within 1 business day. Quantity discounts are available for larger orders and distributor inquiries are welcomed. Contact us for more information.

Safety & Emergency Glow Sticks Packaged for Retail Sales

Increase your retail sales with our high-quality, 12-hour safety glow sticks, perfect for emergency evacuation lighting. We have a full line of safety and emergency glow sticks UPC coded and attractively packaged for quick retail sales. Each stick is individually foil wrapped to protect it from light exposure degradation and date-stamped with a 4-year shelf life. All our safety glow sticks are made in the USA.

Our respected Northern Lights® brand and recognized “Glow for Safety” line will bring in more sales. We have the highest quality safety glow sticks available and we pride ourselves on our great service. Our competitive prices mean better margins and more profit for your business or savings for your organization. Contact us to learn about quantity discounts for large orders. Distributor inquiries are welcomed.

All products are sold in bulk or packaged and UPC coded for retail sales.