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Showing 1–30 of 45 results

Bulk Glow stick Products for Your Next Celebration

Light up your party or celebration with our high-quality and long lasting bulk glow products. We have a full line of glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow cups, and glow necklaces which are perfect for graduations, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, holidays, parties, and more. Our wedding glow sticks and celebration glow products come in lots of colors and styles, including white, aqua, purple, and multicolored. We have glow party products that are the highest quality available, sold at low prices, and shipped within 1 business day. Our glow bracelets and glow necklaces are jumbo size and come with the connectors already attached, plus all of our super-sized glow products come with a 4-year shelf life and are made in the USA. Quantity discounts are available for larger orders and distributor inquiries are welcome.

Glow Stick Products Packaged for Celebrations

Increase your retail sales with our high-quality glow stick products from Northern Lights® and Funlight®, trusted brands for more than 25 years. We have a full line of glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow cups, and glow necklaces UPC coded and attractively packaged for quick retail sales. Our glow party products, in various styles and colors, are a must-have for year-round celebrations.

Customers recognize our products, resulting in greater profits for your store or organization. We have the highest quality glow party products available at low prices and we pride ourselves on our great service. Quantity discounts for larger orders, contact us to learn more.

All products are sold in bulk or packaged and UPC coded for retail sales.